Medipolis – Infrastructure For Complete Medical Ecosystem

Modern Facilities for Superior Medical Care

Medipolis is a result of a dream of promising quality healthcare delivery to the masses. At the same time, Medipolis envisions empowering medical professionals by providing them with exclusive amenities that make medical practice efficient, effective and enhances professional satisfaction.

To create a self-sustaining medical ecosystem, Medipolis is equipped to accommodate different specialties and ancillary medical services at a single location. The promise of complete and quality medical care makes Medipolis a complete medical hub with excellent medical infrastructure.

Designed as per infrastructural guidelines set up by NABH, Medipolis provides both purchasing and leasing options to independent medical professionals, institutions, labs and hospitals. With choice of spaces from 1500 to 55,000 sq. ft. for setting up medical facilities, Medipolis presents a great opportunity for doctors to enhance their goodwill in the medical fraternity. The Medical Practitioners can focus on their core competence and leave the headache of infrastructure provision and maintenance to professional at Medipolis

Medical Care Facilities at Medipolis
List of support facilities that would occupy the space in Medipolis:

Super Specialty Infrastructure

Strategically located in Palanpur location, Medipolis provides the right environment, facilities and infrastructure for Doctors & Medical professionals. Medipolis provides every amenity to support and grow super specialty professional practice without any lapse.

Avant-garde Pathology Laboratory

In an endeavor to promise the right diagnosis, Medipolis will provide infrastructure for international-grade pathological laboratory. Providing best opportunities for pathologists to conduct tests in a controlled environment, labs at Medipolis will ensure patients get high-quality medical care backed by most accurate diagnosis.


Advanced Radio Imaging Center

Medipolis will have dedicated space for radiologists to set up an advanced radio diagnosis center. The infrastructure will make it easier to install latest radio imaging equipment and paraphernalia that will ensure that a radiologist has access to cutting-edge technology for right diagnosis and treatment.

Excellent Medical Pharmacy Facilities

To support a bustling medical ecosystem, Medipolis has space provisions for medical pharmacies where patients and their family can buy required medical supplies or medicines. Aiming to reduce the pain related to finding the right medicine, Medipolis will facilitate quality treatment through space for on-campus medical pharmacies.


Central Medical Records Center

Taking cues from global medical hubs, Medipolis has a provision for centralized medical records center to assist medical professionals in storing medical records. By keeping a central database, Medicity will promise complete peace of mind and ease in retrieving old medical cases.

Well-equipped Rehabilitation Centre

Medipolis will help physiotherapists in setting up ultramodern clinics for rehabilitation center for patients. As special rehabilitation space will be ready for installation of latest physiotherapy equipment, doctors will be able to provide best care to accelerate the process of rehabilitation and recovery.

Blood Bank

Medipolis will ensure that patients get access to blood as and when required owing to infrastructure for an on-campus blood bank situated at a strategic location with proper blood storage facilities for prompt support.


Dedicated cafeteria for doctors, medical professionals and visitors for refreshments

Bank / ATM

Provision for banks and ATM facilities to speed up financial transactions in case of medical emergencies

Biomedical / Engineering Unit

Dedicated biomedical/engineering management unit to complete the medical ecosystem

Oxygen Supply Unit

Centralized oxygen supply unit for seamless oxygen supply to various medical centers at Medipolis.

Dormitory Facilities

All the people accompanying to patients coming to Medipolis should not find difficulty staying.

Ample Parking

Ample parking spaces for doctors, patients, visitors for a well-managed and clutter-free environment

Emergency & Evacuation

Well-thought building designs with separate patient pick up and drop area in case of emergency and evacuation

Efficient Water management

Centralized water and effluent treatment plants and rain water harvesting system

Comprehensive Fire Safety Coverage

Multifaceted fire safety system with sprinklers, hydrant and smoke detection systems throughout the campus

A new Vision to Raise the Health care Experience

Medicine cures, Positivity heals.

Positive environs are a prerequisite to practice medicine in. Where the look and feel, energy and hygiene of the premise and facilities is full of hope and assurance of the modern science of medicine, healing will happen at fast peace.

An environment which gives the practitioners a sense of gravitas and pleasure in being a part of modern healthcare world. Where the entire healthcare ecosystem is seamlessly accessible. So far, this ideal practice of medicine has been available only to metro and mini-metro cities.

Medipolis at Palanpur will change the balance in favour of tier-two cities. What independent practitioners considered as an impossible dream, will change for ever with Medipolis.

Independent medical practitioners are currently working in an unorganized setup.

They operate with their limited infrastructure and are therefore unable to create an optimal experience for themselves and their clients.

Medipolis is benchmarked with the best in industry as we believe the complete healthcare ecosystem in Palanpur needs to be looked at with fresh perspective to create an optimum healthcare infrastructure.

This belief has led us to completely re-imagine how medical facilities can be built for independent healthcare professionals.

A new vision to raise the healthcare experience for independent practitioners.

The pleasure of practising medicine.