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The Indian healthcare ecosystem has shown tremendous promise and possibilities in the past one decade. With an increase in the utilization of healthcare infrastructure in metro and tier-I cities, the focus has been shifted towards equipping tier-II/III cities and rural areas with a great healthcare ecosystem. Since the dawn of the century, medical tourism in India has been on the rise. Also, an increase in the instances of lifestyle disorders has led to growing medical consciousness among the population.

With an increase in the demand for modern healthcare facilities in the recent past, there has been a growing need for international-grade healthcare centers in the country. The increasing incomes along with the desire to get best-in-class care has inspired the middle class as well as elite to look forward to the private sector for a holistic healthcare destination in the country. The government, despite making a significant investment in the public sector has by far failed to providesuperior healthcare facilities to the common folk.

Facilitating Infrastructural Readiness of Indian Healthcare System

The modern era poses unique healthcare challenges owing to sedentary lifestyles. With an ever-growing population, the country needs access to world-class healthcare system. Building a healthcare system requires developing necessary infrastructure to support medical professionals in providing medical services.

India’s infrastructural readiness in the healthcare segment has never been at par with its global peers. The country has developed a network of general hospitals but still lacks modern facilities that are capable of handling hundreds of patients while performing super-specialty procedures in a contamination-free environment. The private sector has made significant improvements in the arena but the development has been limited to metropolitan cities with access to high-profile and super-rich individuals. The need of the hour is to create regional healthcare centers with state-of-the-art facilities for superior medical care solutions.

Need for Global Healthcare Hub in India

  • Quality Healthcare Delivery: At present, state general hospitals and small-scale medical facilities are not equipped with the right technology or equipment to provide quality care in cases of critical injury or health condition. This calls for a modern ecosystem with all necessary healthcare facilities at a single place.
  • Super Specialty Excellence: Patients have difficulty in reaching out to specialist experts in the field of healthcare. The need is to bring experts from various medical specialties under a single roof with supporting infrastructure to provide best care and consultation to patients.
  • On-the-job Satisfaction: When it comes to job satisfaction in the medical sector, India ranks lower than many other countries. Most medical professionals complain of lack of proper infrastructure that hampers their efficiency in diagnosis and healthcare delivery. With the help of advanced medical centers, medical professionals can be equipped with ancillary technology and solutions to improve healthcare system in the country.


Patients in India are not accustomed to quality care but are in a serious need for the best healthcare infrastructure owing to rising health hazards in the country. Most patients resort to visiting their nearby hospitals that are often ill-equipped to provide the right diagnosis and treatment because of lack of facilities. When it comes to medical facilities and readiness, Gujarat is one of the most forward-looking states in the country. The best hospitals and healthcare facilities in Gujarat provide superior care to patients without lacking in any arena. Medipolis, through its promise of best-in-class medical infrastructure, is taking Gujarat to the next level through its healthcare hub at Palanpur.