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Being one of the fastest developing economies, India has been making significant advancements in the field of healthcare. Owing to a burgeoning population, the nation requires reliable medical ecosystem that can support an influx of patients. Despite remarkable efforts made by the government, the healthcare segment still is struggling to provide global standard care to the patient. With a growth in medical tourism in Gujarat and other states, the ecosystem requires transformation on a massive scale.

Modern Healthcare & India’s Preparedness

According to several studies conducted over a period of last decade, it has become a known fact that Indian healthcare ecosystem is fundamentally crippled because of lack of adequate infrastructure, skilled human resources and preparedness to deal with large-scale health hazards. From time to time, reports pour in from various parts of the country about medical negligence and lack of resources leading to deaths of patients.

The need of the hour is to invest systematically in development of proper medical infrastructure to endow medical professionals with the ability to treat patients effectively. Instead of just framing policies to address public health concerns, it is required that the government joins hands with private players to develop medical infrastructure at national, regional and state levels.

Developing Medical Infrastructure in India

Being one of the most populous countries in the world, India requires efficient and modern healthcare facilities. Without a proper healthcare system, the country cannot progress on the path of growth. At the same time, independent medical professionals in India suffer from the lack of resources and infrastructure to practice their profession. This makes them highly-dissatisfied, motivating them to leave the country for better prospects. The outflow of trained manpower in healthcare sector adds to the increasing gap between the demand and supply of medical professionals in the country.

Realizing the need for world-class medical infrastructure, Medipolis envisioned developing amodern ecosystem for independent medical practitioners and institutions to promise quality healthcare to patients. Aiming to create the best healthcare facility in Gujarat, Medipolis is creating advanced structures that can support the healthcare requirements of the country. Medipolis, situated in Palanpur, Gujarat, when ready, will serve as a bustling healthcare hub at regional level.

With supporting facilities, state-of-the-art infrastructure and a positive aura, Medipolis will provide an ideal environment for treatment and recovery of the patient. At the same time, medical professionalsand doctors can set up their clinics, hospitals or ancillary healthcare establishments without worrying about the infrastructure.


In the future, ventures like Medipolis will help India fulfill its healthcare goals by promoting qualitative healthcare and equal opportunities for independent medical professionals at par with established players. While this would mean increased job satisfaction for them, it would ensure efficient healthcare delivery to patients that they couldn’t find in existing general hospitalsinTier-II & III cities.